- Cinema Didveli

A newly renovated cinema in the center of Bakuriani.

- Ice Skating

Located in the town’s central park, the ring offers fun for the whole family. There are instructors present to help first-timers get started. The rink opens every day at 10:00 am and is open until 2:00 pm, after which it temporarily closes. At 5:00 pm, the rink re-opens for the night skating until 11:00 pm. Visitors can rent skates for 5 GEL per 30 minutes. Services of instructors cost 20 GEL.

- Kids Park Didveli

Small wooden amusement park for children includes fortress with swings, zip lines an apparatus with three gondolas, a small train, wooden chairs, and more. The territory is fenced, making it safe for children, where they can be left for parents to go skiing. Park is open all year round.

- Toboggan

Situated on Didveli near the kids park and ski pistes, alpine coaster so called Toboggan is a gravity driven amusement ride, it runs on rails with up-stop wheels like roller coasters. Thus, an alpine coaster is safer and faster than an alpine slide, as it is prevented from overturning when going too fast on a curve. It is a perfect amusement for having really good time on a winter resort.

- Joyland

Joyland is located near the park in the center and corresponds to modern standards.

Having three zones – “SKYLAND”, “TUBINGLAND” and “BABYLAND” – “Joyland” is created for fun and recreation for all ages. There also is a bar & restaurant. From DECEMBER 20th to APRIL 1st. Working hours: 11.00 – 20.00; Summer Season: From May 1st to September 1st. Working hours: 10.00 – 20.00

Address: Bakuriani, Central park.

- Food & nightlife

As a popular all year round resort Bakuriani has a well-developed hotel and restaurant infrastructure, many good hotels offer their own night bars and restaurants. Also the streets are full of traditional local restaurants and cafes.

- Other Activities

All year round in Bakuriani you can go hiking, horse-riding, biking and in winter on snowmobile tours. To hire a guide, horse, bike or a snowmobile talk to your hotel reception or just walk around in the street where you will find locals offering all of these services.