Avalanches in Gudauri are very rare but still possible.

Gudauri is a resort situated in the heart of big Caucasus range, slopes are mostly facing south, and the surrounding mountains are protecting from strong winds. All this make very good conditions for skiing and snowboarding and freeride is developing very rapidly.

If you decide to ski off piste or on mountains surrounding the resort we recommend hiring a local guide. Otherwise please make sure that you are fully capable of assessing the dangers of powder slopes and avalanches.

Highly Recommended Equipment:
- Freeride ski/snowboard (available for hire)
- Backpack with fastening for ski or snowboard
- Transceiver, avalanche probe, shovel (available for hire)
- Helmet

For more Information about freeride opportunities, guides and tours in Gudauri please check out our page FREERIDE SKIING