Flights Every Weekend


There are fixed flights every weekend (if weather allows) locations are chosen according to seasons and weather conditions.

  Price Per Person

Around 20 EUR 

  Possible Locations

Tbilisi Sea or Rustavi & Gudauri (in winter season)

  Approximate Flight Duration

10-15 Min

  Flight Type

Tandem flight with experienced pilot

  Flight Date

Every Weekend approximately 10AM

  Cancellation Terms

Weather condition

  Non Refundable Expenses



NOT Included in the price. Will be arranged upon request

*Nonrefundable expenses are transfer costs in case of on spot cancellation because of bad weather conditions.

Please remember that only reason to cancel the flight on spot is unfavorable weather conditions and this will happen only to ensure maximal safety for you in the first place.

Contact Information 

Georgian Paragliding Federation

- Alex Iskandarov -

+995 577 322 221

- Irakli Kapanadze -

+995 595 424 298