Chase a Rush of Adrenaline!


Whitewater rafting is a recreational outdoor activity which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river.

Rafting generally represents a new and challenging environment for participants. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience.

Rafting vacations are the ultimate way to escape the grind, disconnect and spend quality time with friends or loved ones, or even make new lifelong friends. Not only that, there is no better way to experience some of the most scenic and remote wilderness areas and seldom-seen landscapes.

Rafting in Georgia

Georgia offers several levels of rafting difficulty on its main rivers. Starting from 2-3 on different locations of Aragvi to 2-4 on River Mtkvari up to 2-5 on river Rioni.

Longest rafting route located on River Rioni is more than 30km long and takes 2 days of journey with one night camping break going through the most beautiful parts of Georgia.

Terms & Specifications

Rafting season starts from late April and lasts till mid-October. The highest levels are foreseen for May and June, in July August and September difficulty goes down to Grade 2.

What’s Included & Not

- Helmet, Life Jacket, Neoprene Suit and Shoes

- Every boat is accompanied by a qualified instructor!

- Participants will go through a special training before rafting (20-30 minutes).

- Rafting will be conducted by 8-10 seat standard rafting boats.

Following services are NOT included and should be ordered separately:

- Transportation to Aragvi Adventure Center

- Lunch

- Accommodation at Aragvi Adventure Center or Camping

About Aragvi Adventure Center

Aragvi Adventure Center is located in an idyllic forested valley in the Greater Caucasus mountain range in Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region of Georgia. The cosy camp nestles on a wooded bank of Pshavis Aragvi River just before it flows into the radiant emerald lake of Zhinvali Reservoir.

The adventure center is not just a campsite but it is also a fun-filled picnic spot and the base for rafting, kayaking, hiking and biking tours. With its unique concept of active recreation and promotion of local rural development, Aragvi Adventure Centre is the first of its kind in Georgia.

Set within just 60 km distance from Tbilisi (1h drive), the center is equally  suitable for a day’s  outing or a relaxed weekend in the mountains or makes a perfect stopover on a multiple day tour into the Kazbegi Region (Stepantsminda / Mt Kazbek) and Khevsureti (Shatili). To reach the Center, please follow the description (add link to description and map under Contacts) or the coordinates GPS 42°13'13.80"N / 44°49'55.60"

Contact Information


+995 555 298 297

+995 597 298 297