Mestia is 400 kilometers from Tbilisi and can be reached via the city of Zugdidi, journey takes 7-8 hours by road.

Public Transport to Mestia

- Minibus

Departs daily from 6 am to 8 am from the square nearby the "Children's World" department store (next to the railway station).

Ticket cost about GEL 40-50 per person. Travel time of 8 hours.

From Kutaisi minibus departs from the bus station. Ticket price - 25 GEL. If this day is no direct minibus to Mestia, you can get to Zugdidi and then transfer to a minibus or a taxi to Mestia.

- Train

 A night train from Tbilisi to Zugdidi arrives in the city early in the morning, just in time for the mini-bus to Mestia. The train leaves from Tbilisi central railway station (2, Vagzali sq. Tbilisi).

- Air

The local airport in Mestia has been refurbished and weather permitting a service is being operated by Georgian airline “Service Air” using Czech L410 planes three times a week from Natakhtari village, near Tbilisi, to Mestia – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The flight lasts 45 minutes and costs 65 GEL one-way.
Be warned that places are always limited and should be booked way ahead of flight date. If you get a room in a plane consider yourself very lucky.

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Landline: +(995 32) 230 60 95 (11am-6pm)

24H service: +(995) 557 17 11 44 (24/7)

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Local Prices for Transafers Around Mestia

Approximate price for the car 5-7 passengers:

Mestia - Resort Tetnuldi: 60 GEL

Mestia - Mazeri: 80 GEL

Mestia - Ushguli: 200 GEL

Mestia - Jabeshi: 60 GEL