Apart from Skiing there are plenty of other leisure options in Svaneti area, below we have listed several most popular suggestions:

- Hiking: village Mazeri and Ushba waterfalls, Chalaadi Glacier, Qoruldi Lakes

- Horse Riding in the surrounding villages and mountains

- Culture: Don’t miss visiting History Museums of Mestia, Local towers in Mestia - Svanetian House, trip to Ushguli (3 hours drive from Mestia)

Food & Nightlife

Mestia is a very popular tourist destination in Georgia, therefore there are plenty of local restaurants you can visit for Georgian & local cuisine. The most recommended one is cafe Laila which sometimes offers live music in the evening. There is a nice restaurant in Hatsvali resort at the top of the ski lift - Zuruldi, it offers tasty Georgian cuisine and magnificent views of surrounding mountains.

For more information about Svaneti please visit our Svaneti Region page