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Our base is situated in the mountain landscape of unmatched beauty at Trialeti Ridge, in the village of Ghvevi. We have horses, which are high-bred, good-tempered, well-trained and equipped with a wide range of saddles, crash helmets and saddlebags. There are forested mountains around, majestically beautiful views, lush vegetation laden with berries and mushrooms, rare species of plants, wild birds and animals.  It is an ideal place to get out of daily routine and find peaceful shelter from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Tour Itineraries

We offer tailor-made itineraries to suit your requirements and riding abilities. Tours envisage strolls along wooded paths climbing up to picturesque hills or leading down to a zigzag pattern of rivers and springs in gorges as well as some long canters along vast meadows and pastures. The riding routes lead us to Didgori Valley, Betania Monastery, Tsveri St.George church, Kldekari Fortress, Manglisi, Birtvisi, Algeti National Park, Shamta, Botisi, Kvatakhevi Monastery, Rkoni, Tabatskuri Lake and other historical sites.


The horses used for these rides are mixed breeds adaptable and well suited for the terrain. We can offer a wide range of saddles – Western, English or the ones exclusively designed to feel incredibly comfortable during long hours of ride. Saddlebags are provided on each saddle.

Target Groups, Riding Ability, Pace & Hours

We specifically target teams typically comprised of max 8-10 people, with a sense of adventure, all those who are eager to combine the joys of wild nature, fresh air and tranquility with the benefits of physical exercise and fitness. 

The rides are at a slow to moderate pace overall due to the terrain, combined with some lovely long canters along meadows from time to time.

There is usually between 4 and 6 hours riding a day with refreshing stops in beautiful places and breaks for lunch.


Nights during multi-day rides are spent at hotels, guesthouses or in tents set up in quite stunning settings near rivers. During camping rides two-man tents are used and you sleep on mats with sleeping bags. Breakfast and dinner is served in the camp or at the guesthouse, while lunch with some drinks will be offered during the ride. Special diet menus can be ordered beforehand.


Just one-hour trip from Tbilisi won’t waste your time if you are a lover of great views. This route from Tbilisi to Manglisi direction will take you through gorgeous mountain scenery, which opens up panoramic views and serpentine pathways. Moreover, the last 20 minutes of drive is something that amounts to a thrilling Jeep-Trophy experience.


Dress in any outfit appropriate to a stroll through woods. Give preference to protective clothing, especially boots preventing feet from getting hurt from sharp thorns and branches. Do not wear a rucksack while horse riding as it may weigh heavily on your shoulders. Rely on our saddlebags to keep everything in place. 

Photo Session

You can take photos yourself, or ask a guide for help, or even have your photos shot by a skilled professional and enrich your portfolio with vivid and interesting imagery.

Use this delightful chance and indulge your passion for riding…

Start your journey on horseback!


Web: www.horseriding.ge

Facebook: Ghvevi Horse Riding

Instagram: horseridingtbilisi

Phone: +995 599 502603, +995 599 993375

E-mail: ghvevihorseriding@gmail.com



For groups of minimum 2 persons

Price per Person – 50 EUR

Included Services:

- Transfer from Tbilisi to Ghvevi village and back (1h 15min one way)

- Horses & all the equipment

-  Guides (Georgian, Russian, English)

- Opening training - 30 minutes 

- Trail ride - 2 hours

- Photo shooting

- Tea, coffee, lunch


For groups of minimum 1 person

Price per Person: 90 EUR

Included Services:

- Transfer from Tbilisi to Ghvevi village and back (1h 15min one way)

- Horses & all the equipment

- Guides (Georgian, Russian, English)

- Opening training - 30 minutes 

- Trail ride - 4 hours in the saddle

- Photo shooting

- Tea, coffee, lunch & dinner


For groups of 1 to 10 persons

Price per Person: 110 EUR

Included Services:

- Transfer from Tbilisi to Ghvevi village and back (1h 15min one way)

- Horses & all the equipment

- Guides (Georgian, Russian, English)

- Trail ride – 4-6 hours in the saddle each day

- All meals and drinks

- Escorted car

- Nights in tents or guesthouses


For groups of 1 to 10 persons

Price per Person: 15 EUR

Included Services:

- Horses, all the equipment & opening trainig

- Trail ride 


For corporate events / birthday parties  

Price per Person: 40-80 EUR

Included Services:

Flexible schedules, itineraries and rates depending on the number of people and program.


Price per Person: 

2 trail rides per month - 70 EUR

6 trail rides per 3 months – 180 EUR

Included Services:

- Horses & all the equipment

- Trail ride

- Transfer and meals are NOT included

* Discounts for daily tours: 5 - 10 % for groups of 4 people and up, 50% for kids 6 - 12 years