UPDATED February 2021

UPDATED! Georgia COVID-19 Travel Regulations & Restrictions

Current COVID 19 Regulations in Georgia

- Due to the high community transfer rate of Omicron and the light performance of the virus, as well as by considering the world practice, Green Passports will no longer be required to be checked in Georgia for admission to public venues from February 1, 2022.

However, all systems of healthcare records keeping remain in force and those who need Green Passports to travel abroad will still be able to use this mechanism.

- Uniform wearing of facemasks is mandatory both indoors and outdoors.

- On December 1, restrictions on restaurant opening are lifted.

- After December 1, the concept of GREEN PASS was enforced.

- All individuals age 18 and above need “green status” to enter indoor or outdoor restaurants, cafes and bars; cinemas, theatres, operas, museums, concert halls, entertainment centers, casinos and gambling centers; spas, fitness centers, hotels; and cable lifts of ski resorts.
"Green Passport" will not be mandatory in public transport and shops
- Green status is granted to individuals who are fully vaccinated, who have a negative PCR test in the prior 72 hours, who have a negative rapid antigen test in the prior 24 hours (note that generally in Georgia only PCR tests and not rapid antigen tests are available to foreigners), or who have proof of recent recovery from COVID-19.
- Carrying your physical vaccination card or a copy of it, and photo identification, during the initial phase of green pass implementation is recommended


* Green Pass is a QR code obtained by following means: 

1. Registration in the app CovidPass Georgia (Available on both App Store and Google Play)

The data in the app/QR code includes vaccination status with information on vaccine type and data, past Covid tests, and history of confirmed Covid cases for the user over the past six months. The information is collected to display the overall Green Pass status of the user.

(more info here: https://agenda.ge/en/news/2021/3712)

2. Registration on the website covidpass.moh.gov.ge 

3. Printed document or digital QR code provided by the EU member state and official agency of other states integrated in the "EU Digital COVID Certificate" system

4. Printed document (Covid card) provided by vaccination centers, clinics and Public Service Halls in Georgia 

5. Or downloading the Georgia e-Health app. Through this application Covid certificates for travel to the EU Gateway member states can be obtained electronically.

Georgia e-Health application is available: App storeGoogle store


What information does the validator receive while reading the QR code?

-   A photo of the person (only in case of Georgian citizen) and the initials of name and surname

-   Whether the person meets the green status requirements

-  Timeframe of the granted green status (in case of a test, information will be provided when the green status expires)

For additional information, please call hotlines - 1505, 144, 1522


Entry Regulations For Vaccinated Travelers

Any traveler,  from any country, traveling by air, land and sea may enter Georgia by presenting the document confirming the full course (2 doses) of any COVID-19 vaccination and a negative result of PCR test obtained in the past 72 hours at the border checkpoints.

Entry Regulations For Non-Vaccinated Travelers
Citizens and residence permit holders of the following states may enter Georgia by air, land, sea:

- European Union Member States

- State of Israel

- Swiss Confederation

- Kingdom of Norway

- United States of America

- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

- State of Qatar

- United Arab Emirates

- Kingdom of Bahrein

- Republic of Turkey

- Republic of Armenia

- Republic of Azerbaijan

- Ukraine

- Republic of Kazakhstan

- Russian Federation

- Republic of Belarus

- Canada

- State of Kuwait

- Republic of Moldova

- Republic of Uzbekistan

- Republic of Tajikistan

- Republic of Kyrgyzstan

- Turkmenistan

- People’s Republic of China

- Japan

- Republic of Korea

- The Sultanate of Oman

- Republic of San Marino

- Principality of Monaco

- Republic of Serbia

- Republic of Iceland

- Principality of Liechtenstein

- Montenegro

- Principality of Andorra

- Republic of Albania

- Republic of Northern Macedonia

- Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

- Republic of Iraq

- Lebanese Republic

Following are conditions for entry:

- They must travel directly from the countries listed, including transit travel through third countries.

- They must present a negative PCRexamination document, conducted 72 hours before travel to Georgia. 

- They must undergo PCR examination, at their own expense on the 3rd day of visit.

- Before crossing the border they must complete a special application form, Describing their travel history of the past 14 days and contact details (address, phone number, email etc.)

- PCR examination certificate must be in Georgian, English or Russian

- Any person under the age of 10 (regardless of nationality) is exempted from the obligation to submit a negative PCR test in the last 72 hours prior to the visit to Georgia and to conduct a PCR examination on the third day.

Since 28 November 2021, citizens of any country, including a citizen of Georgia, who have a travel history to the countries listed below during last 14 days, are subject to 14-day mandatory isolation/quarantine in the quarantine facility upon entry to Georgia.

After completing the 14 days of isolation/quarantine, a person shall undergo PCR examination.

These countries are:

Republic of South Africa

Republic of Botswana

Republic of Zimbabwe

Republic of Namibia

Kingdom of Lesotho

Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland)

Republic of Mozambique

Republic of Malawi

The Government of Georgia will cover all the costs related to isolation/quarantine as well as PCR examination for a citizen of Georgia. A foreign citizen shall have to cover the costs of his/her isolation/quarantine and PCR testing.

Here is a short list of clinics who offer PCR tests:


Synevo: Vaja Pshavela 25a; V. Dolidze 46

Evex Clinics: Vekua str.3; Vaja Pshavela av.40.


Synevo: I.Abashidze str. 14; Geati str. 2.

Evex Clinics: P.Iashvili 9;


Synevo: Griboedov str. 5; Bagrationi str. 198a.

Evex Clinics: Chakvi, T. Mepe 40


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